Weight Loss, Stress, Back Pain

"I was looking for a doctor to help me with weight loss, stress, and back pain. After meeting Dr. Chang I felt confident and trust in his skills. In a matter of 3 months I lost 24 pounds and no longer suffered from back pain. In addition to my weight loss, my self esteem has been boosted! I feel my improvements are due to Dr. Chang’s knowledge of the human body, his support, and his encouragement. I recommend Dr. Chang very highly and have no words to express my gratitude for the extremely high quality of his care and support. You could not be in better care."

-Anna Perez

Bell’s Palsy

"My doctor referred me to Dr. Chang to help me with my Bell’s Palsy. (Bell’s Palsy is a nerve disorder which causes paralysis or weakness of the facial muscles.) Dr. Chang was very knowledgeable about my condition. My progress took a long time, but it worked! I was able to see a great change in my face! My face feels normal again! I noticed that I’m also much more relaxed, less stressed, and I feel less tension. I’m very grateful that Dr. Chang was able to help me. I highly recommend Dr. Chang and he’s great to work with. I’ve told all my friends and family about him! I can now smile in photos!"

-Viviana Arcos

Tennis Elbow, Smoke Cessation, Stress

"I originally wanted to try acupuncture to help me quit smoking after hearing others talk a lot about it. At first I was skeptical on how a couple of needles would help me stop a lifelong addiction. I was a heavy smoker for 18 years. But after 1 visit, I was no longer a smoker or a skeptic of the acupuncture practice. I then told Dr. Chang about my chronic tennis elbow which I have had since my days in the Marine Corps. After 2 visits, my arm has felt significantly better than it ever has in the past. Aside from no longer being a smoker, I feel more relaxed, less stressed, and in better physical standing. I now see Dr. Chang for any current or future ailments! I have been dealing with chronic issues from my time in the military and I have nothing but positive results with Dr. Chang. It was his first results that made me a believer and secured me as his patient for any current and future ailments for years to come! If you’re on the fence about whether to work with Dr. Chang, I would say “Do It!” You have nothing to lose and only to gain."

-Alberto Martinez [former Marine Corps CPL (E-4)]

Neck, Back Pain, Bell’s Palsy, and Fatigue

"At my first consultation Dr. Chang listened intently to my health concerns and explained carefully what my options for treatment were, Dr. Chang answered all of my questions and appeared very knowledgeable. My back and neck pains, which were extremely painful and frequent, have been significantly reduced and are now under control. Working with Dr. Chang, I got real results. His knowledge of acupuncture, and its multiple styles of treatments, gave me confidence in Dr. Chang’s continued treatment of my health concerns. Also his down to earth demeanor in which he relates to me regarding treatment is why I feel his treatments were successful. I would tell a potential client to just go to an initial consultation with all their questions, fears or concerns, and let Dr. Chang answer them. Once you hear his answers, you’ll see and feel more confidence in the many treatments available to help with a variety of health problems."

-Angelo Garcia (Sr. Corrections Officer for State of NJ)

Knee Pain, Ankle Pain, Stress

"I particularly enjoyed his determination to help heal his patients. I had a knee and ankle injury a few years ago and a substantial increase in my stress level and Dr. Brian has helped to reduce my pain and maintain my overall well being. I’ve been under his treatment many times and it goes without saying that he has a wonderful gift and many great qualities. Dr. Brian has worked hard each time to provide a quality session that addressed my complaints. He is caring and has a great sense of humor; both of which helped me relax and feel comfortable. My treatments were successful and I felt better after each of them. I would, and already have, recommended him again and again… I thank him for making such a difference!"

-Pamela Persaud

"This was my first experience with acupuncture. I found Dr. Chang to be sensitive, open, informative, and kind. I believe he has a strong therapeutic nature and access to healing energies. It has helped me by reducing pain and creating more clarity. I particularly enjoyed his good rapport, intelligent stance, openness, and cheerful spirit. "

-Mary Beth Early

"I particularly enjoyed his knowledge of a wide range of techniques and tying in other lifestyle suggestions to complement the treatment plan. I felt more empowered to help myself and that is the root of all healing!"

-John Andersen