My Mission

At one time or another, we all experience an injury, illness or just natural “wear and tear” that negatively impacts our lives. During these times we look to medicine and doctors to diagnose and treat us, but many times the treatments we receive are ineffective: at best, they provide temporary relief for our discomfort; at worst, they can lead to additional problems or side effects. This is because today, many doctors are taught to treat symptoms rather than root causes.

Imagine your body is like a tree full of green leaves. The tree gets plenty of sunlight and water and thrives for many months. Then all of a sudden, the leaves start turning brown and dying. An expert gardener comes along and examines the tree. The gardener then starts painting the leaves green and, after finishing the task, proclaims the tree healed. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? Unfortunately, while modern medicine is undoubtedly very beneficial, it often approaches the treatment of disease or chronic pain in the same manner: eliminate or alleviate the symptoms without addressing the root causes.

My mission for each patient is to:

  • 1) Diagnose the root causes of the condition or disease
  • 2) Treat the condition or disease at its most basic level
  • 3) Recommend lifestyle changes which will benefit the patient’s mind, body, and spirit

By doing so, I have witnessed miracles and many of my patients have been healed, restored, and their lives transformed.